About me

I love conceptualising and building ideas into working products. I have been building web applications for +15 years and have developed a strong skill set in building digital products end to end. I would ❤️ to build your next project.

I'm actually a qualified tech lawyer, having worked at one of the top law firms in Denmark and a legal career in international IT and telco companies. However, my interest and love for programming and digital design, has always filled my pasttime.

I live with my lovely wife Diana and charming 3-year old son Anton in a house we built last year, just outside of Køge, Denmark. I'm a passionate F.C. Copenhagen-fan, I prefer soft drinks over beer, I can't cook for the life of me and I claim to be a skilled inline skater. 🥇


  • Infrastructure

    • AWS CDN
    • AWS Serverless
    • AWS Storage
    • CloudFlare
    • Azure
    • Dashbird
  • Backend

    • Node.js
    • PHP / WordPress
    • Swagger/Open API (RESTful API design)
    • Serverless
    • MySQL, Azure SQL
    • Redis, DynamoDB
  • Frontend

    • React.js
    • jQuery
    • Bootstrap
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • WordPress
  • Mobile

    • Java
    • Swift
    • ObjectiveC
    • PWA
    • AMP
    • Apple / Google Developer
  • Video and graphics

    • Adobe Premiere
    • Adobe After Effects
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Sketch
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • iMovie
  • Tools and services

    • Git / GitHub / BitBucket
    • MailChimp / MailGun / SendGrid
    • Google Analytics
    • Segment
    • Zapier
    • Facebook Developer
  • ... and alot more on experimental level.